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3cm Santa Cecilia Light / Also available in 2cm 

Average Size: 121x75


''Santa Cecilia Light Granite is a natural stone with beige, black and purple textures. The styles of the three main patterns on this granite slab are quite different from each other, and each has its own very individual pattern style. Among them, the texture that accounts for the largest area of the granite slab and also determines the color of the overall granite slab is the beige texture. The shape of these veins is somewhat similar to the water splashes in a turbulent stream, which is very dexterous and delicate. Wrapped around these beige textures are black textures, and these black textures are a relatively fine line-shaped texture. These veins have certain irregular changes, which create a strong color three-dimensional effect for the beige water pattern. In addition, there are very outstanding purple veins on the granite slab. These veins are like purple wildflowers floating in the stream, with a very strong romantic atmosphere.''

Santa Cecilia Light

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