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Lennon Granite - 3cm

Average Size: 127x75


Lennon Granite,  is quarried in Brazil and is a stone that features a lighter blue gray background littered with mineral deposits. These mineral deposits create a swirling arrangement that give Lennon Granite its dynamic pattern. Granite is popular because of its durability, as well as being heat and scratch resistant, making it ideal for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Granites are undoubtedly the most popular stone type used in countertop applications today. Granites are an excellent choice for kitchen countertops, floors and other heavily used surfaces because of their hardness, low absorption rates and resistance to high temperatures. This group of stones, in a commercial sense, includes many stone materials that are not true granites by geological definition. They are commercially sold as granite due to similar working and performance properties. These are some of the hardest dimensional stones, offering high levels of resistance to abrasion and scratching. The primary minerals in granite materials are resistant to virtually all chemicals found in a residential setting.



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