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Calacatta Mont - Quartz 3cm

Average size: 129x65

"Quartz is an attractive, durable countertop material that can be customized to your unique specifications. It comes in a wide range of patterns and colors, including pops of blue, black, white, brown, and more. Because it is engineered, quartz can be designed to mimic various styles and colors to complement every lifestyle.

Calacatta Mont is one of the newest quartz colors that are eye-catching and can be used in various home applications. This color has unique characteristics inherent to the Alps, with its white base tone and complex veining.

Calacatta Mont’s irregular grey veining offers unlimited design opportunities. 

Where at Home Can Calacatta Mont Be Used?

Contrary to other solid stones, quartz exists as tinny sand-like particles or crystals in its natural state. It’s engineered with man-made materials or stone and sealed together with plastic resins.

Most Calacatta quartz in home applications is mechanically engineered, allowing for easy design. The new Calacatta Mont has many home applications, including the following:

Kitchen Countertops

Calacatta quartz is non-porous and safe, making it suitable for kitchen countertops. This material is highly durable, scratch and stain-resistant, and can endure high temperatures to prevent your surface from damage. You can select kitchen flooring color and cabinet color that draws in hues from your countertop selection to create that perfect contrast in your space.

Bathroom Countertops
Bathroom countertops are another potential use for Calacatta quartz. The countertops and vanities create a focal point in your bathroom interior and should be properly designed. You can choose from a wide array of designs, shapes, and styles that blends and contrasts with backsplash and wall or floor tiles."



Calacatta Mont

  • Average size: 129x65

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