Granite is a natural stone and has been used as on countertop for many years. Many of our slabs come from the granite quarries of Brazil in large blocks and then sliced down to create matching bundles. Most slabs are rarely longer than 10 feet long. Stop by the nearest location to you and view our showroom. We will gladly help you create the kitchen, bathroom or small project to your dreams. The colors and texture are illustrative only. Slab colors may be different from office to office. Please call to verify stock availability.

Love the character and beauty that a product develops with use, marble may be a perfect choice for your home. Nothing compares to the classic beauty of natural stone and because each piece is unique, it offers an unmatched versatility of design.

Quartz is a high-end product that don't require the upkeep of sealing because of their non-porous surface. Like granite, quartz is also scratch and mold resistant. Quartz is also resists stains like tomato, wine, juices, coffee that may easily seep into unprotected porous granite and marble. If you consider quartz, please view the many brands of quartz line's we sell.

Global Granite Ga offers a large selection of in-stock 16 and 18 gauge stainless steel sinks. All of our sinks are manufactured from heavy gauge premium 304 stainless steel which makes them remarkably resistant to stain and corrosion. Please stop by and check our selection of sinks for different sizes & depths in other brands of sinks we offer.

Call the closest office to you to check stock availability. Prices per square foot may change without notice.

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